VoIP calls for modern healthcare communication

Published: 23-Aug-2017

The Wandsworth Healthcare IP Nurse Call system (IPiN), delivers multiple advanced features that only a full IP to the bedhead nurse call system can

One of the benefits, when combined with the Wandsworth Healthcare ergonomic nurse call handset, is the ability to make VoIP calls from the bedside to the nurse by utilising the industry standard TCP/IP network.

With all hospitals and trusts targeted to improve patient care whilst improving operational efficiency, the ability to communicate with a patient without moving from the nurse station, enables a quicker response from the nurse to understand what the patient requirement is and also the eradication of unnecessary journeys to the patient.

A full IP system can integrate VoIP at the bedhead as a simple extension number and with a full IP system, no additional cabling or electronics would be required to provide the communication platform, which will also provide greater clarity of speech over digital based systems.

Watch a quick demo of how a VoIP call is made

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