Brandon Medical doubles production to meet NHS emergency demand

Published: 16-Apr-2020

Brandon Medical has more than doubled production at its Leeds factory to manufacture vital equipment for the UK’s fightback against coronavirus

The company is responding to “massive demand” from NHS organisations for its medical technology to help support the treatment of people suffering from the disease.

The medical technology specialist has recently sourced ventilators from British company, Meditech, for the NHS Nightingale Hospital North West in Manchester, and supplied examination lights suitable for tracheotomy to the NHS Louisa Jordan temporary emergency hospital at Glasgow’s SEC Centre.

It has also offered advice to Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Leeds University on increasing the distribution of oxygen and medical air, and is manufacturing parts for the UK ventilator programme – including for the new Mercedes-UCL CPAP ventilator and existing British-made machines.

Brandon Medical is a UK designer and manufacturer of integrated, smart technology for primary and secondary care institutions. For more than 70 years, the company has provided healthcare professionals with reliable, high-quality and affordable medical equipment packages for operating theatres and critical care.

Brandon Medical are UK manufacturers, suppliers and installers of reliable Examination Lights, Minor Surgical Lighting, Intensive Care Support Systems and other essential medical equipment which can be of great use to you in quickly scaling ITU and critical care services.

Brandon Medical also have a large stock of medical gas terminal units and hose assemblies which may assist in the provision of larger scale distribution.

  • Medical lights for intubating patients and tracheotomy
  • Some medical gas parts for oxygen and medical air pipelines
  • ICU pendants
  • Medical point of care computers
  • Medical IT systems (these are special electrical isolated power supplies for ICU and theatres- formerly known as IPS)
  • ICU UPS (Uninterruptible power supplies for group 2 locations)
  • Medical video and information systems (to collect data and video streams – such as laryngoscopy) and to send them to the monitors where the information is needed)
  • Ultra clean ventilation ceilings and clean air systems
  • Operating theatre lights
  • Operating theatre pendants
  • Operating theatre tables
  • Operating theatre touch screen digital control systems

Brandon Medical’s brilliant team of engineers are available to help you find the equipment you need and to install and service this in hospitals across the UK, observing PHE and WHO Covid-19 guidance.

Brandon Medical doubles production to meet NHS emergency demand

Brandon Medical is committed to delivering the highest levels of service and supporting health care professional at this very challenging time.

Graeme Hall, executive chairman, said: “Anything the NHS asks that we can do, we do it. We are now producing twice as many products because of the extraordinary demand coming from our national health service. Orders for the first five months of the financial year have already exceeded our entire sales for 2019. Our factory employees are proud to step up because they know our efforts will play a vital role in helping the NHS to fight coronavirus.”

Earlier this week, Mr Hall sent a message of solidarity and gratitude to Italian competitor RIMSA P. Longoni SRL, which is based in the stricken Lombardy region and is carrying on production to support the Italian effort. RIMSA has provided some of their PPE to Brandon Medical engineers at the frontline installing and servicing equipment in NHS hospitals.

Carlo Longoni, chief executive of RIMSA, said: “It’s so beautiful to receive your solidarity and to know that even competitors, first we are friends. The goal of our job isn’t to make profit, but to put a small drop of water in the big ocean that is our world and make proudly our part.”

Mr Hall said: “This is a sentiment shared by the entire Brandon Medical team. We are putting every effort into production at our Leeds headquarters and going into hospitals to install all the required equipment at the frontline of defence against COVID-19.”

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