Financial sustainability

Published: 14-Dec-2023

Do the words "no money" come up often within your organisation? For CGI clients in the NHS and adult social care sector, "no money" has unfortunately become a key mantra with the impact of the pandemic and significant shortfalls in investment building up

If you're feeling ever-increasing pressure to do more with less, CGI is here to help.

Financial sustainability is a fundamental part of CGI’s health and care transformation services, as CGI helps organisations like the NHS to:

  • Identify key financial challenges, using first-hand understanding and experiences of the healthcare sector having worked within it CGI themselves
  • Align your challenges to opportunities for positive change that will empower safe, effective, yet affordable healthcare services.
  • Design and cost associated solutions, creating a roadmap for change based upon your priorities, and your citizens', patients'; and employees' needs.
  • Create a relevant set of governance arrangements to improve and enable long-term financial sustainability.

Read this brochure to find out more about CGI's financial sustainability proposition. Or if you'd like an informal chat about what your transformation journey with CGI might look like, please click here and CGI's health and care expert will be in touch.

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