Sustainability in the NHS: the criticality of data in achieving net zero

Published: 18-Mar-2024

Despite the many well publicised issues facing health and care provision in the UK today, climate change continues to be a focus with long-term implications

In July 2022, the NHS reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability by becoming the first health system to embed net zero into legislation with the Health and Care Act 2022.*

As one of the largest organisations in the UK, reducing its carbon footprint through a national ‘Greener NHS’ programme will significantly decrease the country’s overall carbon emissions.

Furthermore, NHS Scotland’s ‘Fairer, Greener Scotland Programme’, Northern Ireland’s review of climate change, and Green Health Wales are all aspiring for the same thing – to achieve net zero.

In this blog, CGI's expert discusses the importance of data in the journey towards a greener, sustainable NHS.

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