Guardtech elevates rapid cleanroom offering as new era of Isopod takes shape

Published: 17-May-2024

Suffolk-based cleanroom construction experts back up new website with a string of exciting developments for the quick-assembly brand

THE GUARDTECH GROUP are ushering in a new era of quick-assembly cleanroom excellence with a series of exciting developments regarding their Isopod Rapid Cleanrooms brand.

The Haverhill-based controlled environment construction specialists recently launched an exciting new website for Isopod – – an innovative site that takes clients through the most comprehensive, small-scale cleanroom procurement process on the market.

Guardtech’s new site hosts their revolutionary ‘build your own cleanroom’ Isopod Configurator alongside in-depth Isopod model pages, helpful Technical component content and illuminating case studies.

What’s more, there are also now all-new Configurations pages for the Shell (Hardwall), Flexi (Softwall) and Hybrid (Genus) models, which outline the standard 2x3m, 3x3m, 3x4m, 4x4m and 5x3m pod options, as well as standard PAL/MAL dual airlock Configurations for each size.

Guardtech have invested significantly in R&D over the 12 months to develop what they believe are their most compelling Shell, Flexi and Hybrid model prototypes yet. The latest Isopods promise to be the most robust, reliable, high-performance modules in the brand’s history – a process led by Isopod/CleanCube Manufacturing Manager Michael Burton and Guardtech Group ISO Commercial Manager Andrew Cressey.

“Isopod, as a high-quality, quick-assembly cleanroom product, is now better than ever before,” says Cressey. “The idea with this newly streamlined and standardised process is to make buying a rapid, small-scale cleanroom pod as straightforward as possible.” Cressey has been delivering smaller scale cleanroom pods, alongside more large-scale, complex facilities, for more than a decade.

He’s utilised his wealth of experience to help the Group develop the most efficient, customer-friendly service in the history of Isopod.

Guardtech elevates rapid cleanroom offering as new era of Isopod takes shape

“I’ve been providing cleanroom systems like Isopod for a long time now, so I know better than most what clients need – and how they want the process to unfold in terms of procuring these units.

“Ultimately, many customers will still require a bespoke system, but the idea with these new standard Configurations is that a potential new client can quickly and easily see what options they’ve got, in terms of basic process room plus Personnel and Materials Airlocks layouts, and then make a super-quick, informed decision as to how they want to move forward.”

Guardtech’s Isopod Rapid Cleanrooms Brochure has also been given an update as part of the brand refresh, with more in-depth focus on the three base models, Configurations content and much more.

And the brand now has a newly established two-pronged, dedicated sales team in the form of Jack Pummell and Steve Bawa.

The Guardtech Group Business Development Managers will offer a more concentrated client-centred service in the North (Bawa) and South (Pummell), taking the brand’s streamlined approach to a whole new level.

Bawa, who joined Guardtech three months ago and, like Pummell, also provides Cleanroom Service Plans, facility Decontamination Agreements and cleanroom-grade furniture & equipment, is thrilled to have joined Guardtech at such an exciting time.

“I’m delighted to be involved with Isopod – it’s such an amazing, innovative product,” he says. “Guardtech have a long history of excellence in terms of cleanroom construction – and you can see all the hallmarks of their expertise in the quality of the modules.

“Establishing that level of trusted intellectual property has obviously come over years and years of building complex cleanrooms – and you can really see that in Isopod.

“I’m looking forward to providing these brilliant units for clients across the realm of Life Sciences, High-Tech Engineering and Manufacturing.”

For more information on Isopod Rapid Cleanrooms, call 0330 113 0303, email or visit

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