Brandon Medical strikes gold two years running at MAKE UK awards

Published: 4-Dec-2020

Brandon Medical has collected the award for Smart Cell manufacturing methodology, which increases productivity and quality control processes

After winning 2019 Make UK Innovation Award at Make UK Yorkshire & Humber and North East for its innovative intelligent operating theatre control panel in 2019, Brandon Medical has collected the same honours in 2020, for Smart Cell manufacturing methodology, which increases productivity and quality control processes.

Brandon Medical was formed in 1993 and since then has grown from £0.5m sales and 15 staff to £11m and 65 staff today. All the growth has been organic - fuelled by continuous innovation and it is entirely self-funded.

“We innovate and we bring manufacturing excellence that push the boundaries into healthcare. We make people better with our inventions, and we also make society wealthier and that in and of itself improves health. Significant and continuous growth is rarely possible without change - and for over seven decades, the team of innovators behind Brandon Medical has ensured the healthcare industry can thrive alongside us,“ Christina Hooley, Marketing Manager, declared.

“All of our processes are built around creating better products that our customers will want and be delighted by,” said Graeme Hall, Executive Chairman, talking about the company’s core values. “We are an ethical business and we firmly believe in family values. Our mission is to be trustworthy, meaning that we always have to tell the truth; passionate, i.e., we love what we do; and friendly towards our stakeholders, customers, and suppliers. We are proud of the collaborative partnerships we are engaged with, and of the fact that we have never lost one of those. When we recruit new people, we want to see that they possess the aforementioned intrinsic values. As we work in a knowledge-intensive industry, we have employees with a broad range of skills at our disposal, including specialists in embedded software, electronics, product design, optical design, mechanical engineering, and others.”

Having established itself as a global player in the complete equipment packages for operating theatres and critical care areas, Brandon Medical has been launching smart, integrated IoT (Internet of things solutions) and provides the know how on designing and building the smart operating theatre for future, now. It’s latest range, Integrated 4K ultraHD Operating Room, with near zero latency video, works along side the ultraclean ventilation systems with continuous particle monitoring, to help a faster return to electve surgery as well as surgical training through telesurgery.

June Smith, Region Director for Make UK in the North of England, said: “These awards are a testament to the dynamic companies and individuals working within engineering and manufacturing in Leeds. The sector has been at the heart of delivering during the crisis and as we re-build our economy there will be a bright future for companies and individuals that make the most of their talent.”

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