Harrow private hospital goes digital


Clementine Churchill Hospital installs digital mammography system

BMI The Clementine Churchill Hospital in Harrow has introduced digital mammography services for the first time.

A MAMMOMAT Inspiration system from Siemens Healthcare has been installed, replacing an analogue system at the hospital and enabling clinicians to rapidly view detailed high-quality images at a low dose.

The system runs with OpView 2 image processing software, providing better image quality, with new algorithms providing enhanced sight of masses and microcalcifications. The system is also upgradable, allowing healthcare organisations to install further applications, such as a stereotactic biopsy module and 3D imaging with tomosynthesis, at any point in the system’s life.

“The installation of the MAMMOMAT Inspiration is a first for BMI The Clementine Churchill Hospital, as we make the transition from analogue to digital mammography,” said Magda Coetzee, director of diagnostics and physiotherapy services at the hospital.

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“The system is user friendly and staff are extremely impressed with its superb image quality, with a notable difference over analogue systems. The installation of the MAMMOMAT Inspiration has also enabled an ease of process, allowing our radiographers to spend more time with the patient, and has opened the door for additional digital installations at the department in the future.”