MediViewer at Noble's Hospital

Published: 18-Jun-2018

This is the award entry for MediViewer , entered by IMMJ Systems in the Best Administrative System category

The project

The Isle of Man Department of Health and Social Care has set a target to achieve the removal of paper records by the end of 2018.

The programme, which forms part of the Government-wide Digital Strategy, is a major commitment, building on the work already undertaken across many parts of the hospital.

It is generally recognised that selecting an EDRM product is only part of the solution - the system must be implemented in a way that does not disrupt the hospital's processes as a direct result of taking physical case notes out of circulation.

Five key highlights

  • Faster access to patient information, resulting in massive time savings and better care
  • Reduces the space used to store paper notes by 100%
  • Multiple healthcare workers can view different records from almost any web-enabled device simultaneously
  • More than 16 million sheets of paper will be eliminated
  • Fast and intuitive system


MediViewer was deployed at Noble's Hospital on a specialty-by-specialty basis, one division at a time. This started with the Women and Children's division before continuing with Surgical and then Medical.

All divisions are now fully live and records are digitised in advance of upcoming outpatient appointments.

Scanning is operating at full speed with approximately 1.5 million sheets of existing paper records being scanned every month. Around 70,000 sheets are scanned every working day.

"MediViewer is intuitively easy to use and its speed means response time between pages is almost instantaneous,” said Dr Gregor Peden, chief clinical information officer (CCIO) at DHSC Digital, Isle of Man.

“Using MediViewer enables me to quickly surface the exact clinical information I need at the point of care and has definitely made my job much easier.”

Results and evaluation

MediViewer has been developed by IMMJ Systems as an electronic document management solution built specifically for healthcare and a paperless NHS.

IMMJ Systems has teamed up with System C to provide integration of the MediViewer EDM with Medway EPR.

MediViewer enables hospitals to scan, index and archive paper medical records and access them quickly through an intuitive user interface.

MediViewer's consistent look and feel can be used from almost any device and integrates with any standards-based electronic patient record solution.

Future plans

Noble's Hospital opted for a paper-light deployment initially with a view to introducing clinical noting and assessments in the near future.

To support this, MediViewer Batch Manager functionality enables streamlined clinic preparation in addition to tracking documentation (back and forward scanning) throughout the scanning process.

Temporary folders are used for each attendance and once digitised these are associated to the relevant encounter within MediViewer.

The new functionality means clinical and clerical staff can find and read all the relevant information about a patient quickly, when it is needed, from almost any web-enabled device.

The project, once complete, will see in excess of 100,000 medical records turned into a digital format, with over 16 million sheets of paper being eliminated.

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