Recruitment platform for pre-verified talent in the healthcare sector launches in the UK

Published: 26-Mar-2020 Recruiting is set to transform the healthcare recruitment market, providing secure recruiting for the healthcare industry while significantly reducing time to hire

A new blockchain-based recruitment platform offering efficient, fast and reliable recruiting for the healthcare sector has been launched by is a leading provider of primary source verification (PSV) services and part of the DataFlow Group - a global provider of specialised PSV solutions background screening and immigration compliance services.

The company introduced its blockchain-enabled professional document verification platform in the UK earlier this year – and has now expanded its services with the launch of Recruiting.

The product, which is initially being introduced for the healthcare market, enables recruitment professionals from all over the world to search and hire from a database of trusted candidates whose credentials have already been verified and who are ready to be hired.

Alejandro Coca, head of business at, said: “Recent statistics suggest that there are more than 3,000 unaccredited universities and diploma mills, and 300 counterfeit diploma websites, meaning that, unfortunately, there is a high proportion of uncertainty in hiring healthcare professionals due to document fraud.

“As a company, our aim is to make the recruitment process as reliable, secure and efficient as possible and, through our blockchain-enabled professional document verification platform, we have already been tackling these elements.

“However, with the launch of Recruiting, we have now significantly reduced the time to hire by creating a bank of pre-verified candidates. This is transformative for the healthcare sector, which has a lengthy hiring process of up to six months for authenticating the credentials of candidates - especially those from overseas.

”Our product can remove this obstacle altogether, dramatically impacting healthcare recruitment and helping regulators and employers to bridge the talent shortfall in the UK.” Recruiting offers an intuitive and sophisticated search feature that allows recruiters to search candidates by job title, education and qualifications, country, healthcare licence country, spoken languages, years of experience and more, to ensure the right healthcare professional is recruited.

It also helps with tracking the recruitment process and provides peace of mind when it comes to critical HR decisions.

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