Validair to supply BioTrak real-time viable particle counter and host free webinars

Published: 19-May-2020

Malvern-based Validair Monitoring Solutions (VMSL) has been appointed by TSI to supply and support the innovative BioTrak 9510-BD real-time viable particle counter in the UK and Ireland. With the BioTrak now part of its portfolio, Validair is keen to invite biopharma industry professionals to attend two free webinars hosted by TSI on real-time viable particle counting, which is widely recognised as the future of microbial environmental monitoring

The first webinar takes place 19 May at 2pm BST, covering Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) – the fascinating spectroscopy technique behind BioTrak’s instant, real-time particle counting capability.

The second webinar, on 27 May at 2pm BST, talks about the innovative BioTrak instrument itself, explaining how and why it is three critical instruments in one that helps boost efficiency, improve process understanding and deliver cost savings in biopharma manufacturing.

Interested parties can register for these free seminars here

Companies looking to deploy BioTrak to take aseptic biopharmaceutical manufacturing to the next level will also benefit from Validair’s unmatched FMS software expertise. Integrating BioTrak into the FMS software suite allows continuous validated in-process environmental monitoring solutions in aseptic cores.

“We look forward to welcoming people to these informative free seminars,” says Deborah Haisman, FMS Commercial Director at Validair Monitoring Solutions, “They will explain BioTrak’s capability as a stand-alone instrument and how it can drive productivity to a new level when integrated into an intelligent continuous monitoring system, letting manufacturers react immediately to contamination incidents and quickly identify the source to minimise the commercial impact on product batches.”

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