Validair: New TSI AeroTrak+ APCs deliver reliable second-by-second sampling

Published: 18-Jun-2019

The cleanroom monitoring specialist recommends the latest airborne particle counters on the market

“Cost and risk are key factors in selecting the optimum remote airborne particle monitor,” says Deborah Haisman, Commercial Director at Validair, adding that the new AeroTrak+ airborne particle counters (APCs) products address these issues in many inventive ways.

The new ranges comprise the AeroTrak+ 6000 Series and AeroTrak+ 7000 Series, including APCs with integrated vacuum pumps and more traditional APCs for use with external vacuum systems respectively.

Haisman explains: "With its internal pump, the APC 6000 Series presents the ideal solution where external vacuum is not available and where retrofitting a clean facility is not viable, offering tremendous cost savings."

She also notes that all models include a 250k data buffer for peace of mind and continuity of compliance should a network fail.

Product specification

Models in the new AeroTrak+ APC families offer measurement capabilities for particles from 0.2µm to 25µm in size, using laser technology, and all deliver reliable second-by-second sampling to eliminate the need to wait for critical data.

In turn, this instant proactive identification and early-warning functionality of adverse trends let manufacturers reduce waste and maximise yields across an array of demanding environments that include pharmaceutical, semiconductor, electronics and industrial sectors.

To reduce installation complexity and cost, all new AeroTrak+ 6000 and 7000 models include LoRaWAN architecture to deliver dependable long-range wireless functionally that demands minimal infrastructure.

In other initiatives designed to mitigate perceived risk, all new APC models feature proactive maintenance alerts that report on sensor health and operational status.

In addition, to demonstrate absolute confidence in its new laser-based measurement technology, TSI is offering an unprecedented 5-year laser warranty that is unique in the industry.

“For manufacturers in clean environments whose operations require or mandate no interruptions, no data loss, easy no-hassle compliance and simple installation for complete facility monitoring, the new AeroTrak+ ranges are ideal,” says Haisman.

“Both new Aerotrak+ families offer a compact footprint and robust stainless-steel construction, with the extra advantage of easy relocation as production layouts or locations change with the innovative AeroTrak+ 6000 Series, thanks to its integrated pump technology.”

AeroTrak+ 6000 Series and 7000 Series models feature rapid setup and configuration via standard USB-C connectivity, sealed inlets to prevent accidental ingress, power over Ethernet (PoE) or low-voltage DC power options, and advanced FMS drivers to auto-discover sensors and reduce integration time.

Validair is a TSI Gold Sales Partner.

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