WiFi SPARK launches new patient entertainment and engagement platform

Published: 17-Oct-2018

SPARK Media unveiled after successful trial in Bolton hospital

WiFi SPARK has announced the launch of the patient entertainment and engagement platform, SPARK Media, after a successful trial by the Royal Bolton NHS Trust.

SPARK Media is the future of patient entertainment, providing entertainment and engagement services directly to the patient’s device of choice during their hospital stay.

Each patient is unique and their hospital experience should reflect this

It enables direct delivery of terrestrial or satellite TV, radio, and Video On Demand (VOD) services over the WiFi network, plus access to existing e-Health portals. It also integrates with other related digital systems.

The platform provides real-time feedback and engagement services, such as meal ordering, translation services, and integration with health apps; giving patients a single point of entertainment and access for communication with the NHS trust, healthcare professionals, family, and friends.

WiFi SPARK worked closely with partners Samsung, Ascom, Imprivata and Datasym to bring the technology to market, with the first successful installation at the Royal Bolton NHS Trust.

Working in conjunction with Samsung, WiFi SPARK has developed a customised and tailored solution for trusts using interactive smart Samsung HTVs.

The SPARK Media solution sits across the Samsung HTV platform and allows each trust to deliver a customised, interactive IPTV system to patients that offers full HD digital TV, with smart applications and, vital for healthcare environments hygienic, cleanable and seamless remote controls.

WiFi SPARK and Ascom UK worked together to provide a solution that mobilises patient requests, such as requesting pain relief or a drink.

Patients want independence, better communication with their doctors and nurses, and ease of access to entertainment and hospital services

Once the patient has made a request, this is sent from the SPARK Media UI directly to the appropriate staff member on their Ascom Myco2 Smart Device. This ensures a swift response that helps to enhance patient satisfaction levels and provides NHS staff with simpler, more-efficient staff workflows.

And WiFi SPARK brought in Imprivata to look at incorporating its OneSign Single Sign On (SSO) solution within the new platform.

Imprivata OneSign eliminates the need to repeatedly type in credentials, freeing up valuable consultation time and ensuring a fast and efficient workflow.

Using its trust-owned device that utilises SPARK Media, healthcare professionals can securely switch between entertainment screens to the clinicians’ screens, which enables them to access patient records and information like X-ray results and treatment plans with ease.

And Datasym provides trusts and patients with a meal ordering service via the SPARK Media platform, using either their own device or a trust-owned device.

Using the menu scheduler, patients now have the ability to order a meal of their choice themselves and change or cancel orders should they move wards or are discharged.

The solution also enables trusts to track orders, maintain a full stock history and reduce waste.

Overall, the solution has the potential to save trusts more than £30,000 a year in food wastage costs; money that can be used iforother vital services.

Powered by advanced WiFi connectivity, SPARK Media provides patients with all their entertainment, engagement and information needs, with free TV services in one intuitive User Experience (UX). In addition, a fully-integrated media platform which can be supported on any smart device means the patient can use their own personal screen, thereby enjoying greater freedom.

For those that aren’t able to access personal devices, there is a loan management facility built into trust-owned devices and a mobile media table which can be loaned to patients.

For NHS Digital WiFi solutions, SPARK Media can be accessed via a separate URL. For all non-NHS digital WiFi solutions, it can be accessed through a button or click-through link on the customised UX.

Brett Walmsley, chief technology officer at the Royal Bolton NHS Trust, said: “We are delighted with the SPARK Media Platform and the difference it has made to both patients and NHS staff alike.

“It supports multiple languages and customisable text options, creating a service which is accessible to patients of all ages and nationalities.

“In the future, we plan to make use of the integrated solution to make meal ordering and housekeeping requests easier.

We are delighted to be able to offer patients and staff a pioneering service that has the capabilities to modernise patient engagement

“Through SPARK Media, patients will be able to send a direct message to the department they require a service from by themselves, minimising delays and potential miscommunications. At the same time, this will make precious time efficiencies for doctors and nurses.”

Matt O’Donovan, chief executive of WiFi SPARK, added: “Each patient is unique and their hospital experience should reflect this.

“The SPARK Media Platform holds the key to creating this patient-centric media experience, while providing trusts with valuable patient insight and the potential to make cost-saving developments.

“Patients want independence, better communication with their doctors and nurses, and ease of access to entertainment and hospital services.

“We are delighted to be able to offer patients and staff a pioneering service that has the capabilities to modernise patient engagement, with the Royal Bolton NHS Trust being the first of many.”

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