Recycling bin combines style with convenience

Published: 8-Jan-2019

Leafield Environmental's EnviroStep pedal bin offers ergonomic efficiency

The new EnviroStep pedal bin from Leafield Environmental is rapidly becoming a favourite for recycling in preference to individual desk bins.

Slim enough to stand back against the wall in corridors and open offices, yet with a 90-litre capacity, the durable, rotationally-moulded EnviroStep stands 970mm high, ideal for ergonomic efficiency.

The bin sports front castors and an integral handle, overcoming the problem of carrying full, vulnerable and potentially-heavy sacks to collection points.

With a single aperture and pedal-operated lid, the Envirostep Single is ideal for collecting heavy waste such as food or paper, but is equally suitable for collecting general waste or mixed recyclate.

It comes with WRAP-compliant colouring and labelling as standard, although personalisation options are available.

EnviroStep bins are moulded from a durable polyethylene blend, and for food collection can incorporate a non-leaching silver component that ensures effective anti-bacterial protection for the lifetime of the product, helping to keep surfaces clean and hygienic.

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