How can a specialist contractor take your project to the next level?

Published: 14-May-2018

Here Medical Air Technology (MAT) tells Building Better Healthcare the advantages of using its services when installing a new ultraclean (UCV) operating theatre

When it comes to the design and installation of a new UCV operating theatre, the benefits of using a specialist contractor are wide ranging. MAT provides a comprehensive range of solutions for operating theatres, aseptic suites, cleanrooms and containment laboratories and is constantly innovating and adding to its product range. A complete design and installation service, backed-up by the most knowledgeable project engineering team in the industry, ensures our products are always right at the forefront of innovation. This forward-thinking approach led to the development of the ECO-flow range of canopies, which combine energy efficiency with outstanding functionality, evidence of the company’s commitment to helping reduce the healthcare sector’s carbon footprint in line with government targets.

Can you afford NOT to use a specialist contractor?

Bringing MAT into a project as specialist contractor gives direct access to the company’s expertise and wide range of skills, providing one point of contact throughout. Broadly speaking, other key benefits can be seen in five main areas:

  • Reduced costs A specialist supplier has access to volume buying power, package discounts and supply chain rebates. Vendor neutrality, future-proofing and a thorough understanding of compatibility issues ensure the final theatre will function well now and far into the future. Specialist knowledge also means better planning - fewer deliveries, fewer crane or hoist lifts, fewer installation visits, etc, all resulting in reduced costs.
  • Flexibility The flexibility gained by being an expert in the field, with a wide range of skills and partnerships, allows for a more dynamic approach to challenges. Should a problem arise, the solution can be identified and implemented quickly and efficiently. Experience and contacts developed over many years spent working in the same sector are something a more general supplier simply cannot equal.
  • Shorter timeframe The project management expertise provided by a specialist supplier will ensure improved co- ordination with faster speed of response, stronger relationships, continuity of drawings, change management control, mitigation of site coordination issues and fewer interfaces between multiple suppliers, combined with a thorough understanding of the sector. This results in projects being completed within a shorter timeframe, benefitting institutions, staff and patients.
  • Managed risk The experience a specialist supplier brings to the project ensures risk is managed effectively, with improved Health & Safety and a fast and informed response to any problems that may arise.
  • Compliancy A specialist in the field is well aware of the many rules, regulations and standards governing healthcare construction, and can ensure that the new theatre is fully compliant and functioning correctly.

MAT can provide all this and more. The company’s experience also means that everyone involved in each project has a thorough understanding of the challenges presented by working within a live critical healthcare environment, and fully appreciates the need for flexible working, minimum downtime, and the creation of as little dust, noise and general disruption as possible, allowing the day to day running of the hospital to continue as normal.

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