Mediclean ultra clean ventilation with continuous particle monitoring (CPM)

Published: 24-Mar-2021

The latest Mediclean UCVs with CPM improve patient safety and surgical outcomes by providing unique monitoring feature and automatic cleaning of surgical smoke and airborne particles

Complanate (ceiling level) UCV

Complanate means, "to make level" or "to put into a single plane" which describes perfectly how Mediclean UCVs fit flush with the operating theatre ceiling.

Air curtain technology

Mediclean uses a unique air curtain technology to constrain the flow of clean air within the clean zone and to separate it from entrainment by the surrounding "dirty air" in the rest of the room.

No Side Screens, No Coanda Air Deflectors, No Protruding Enclosure

The diffuser surface is completely flush with the suspended ceiling, without any protrusion from the UCV unit into the room. The air curtain eliminates the requirement for side screens and coanda effect air flow deflectors that would normally protrude below the ceiling. The clear advantage is that Mediclean® does not obstruct the movement and positioning of operating lights, medical pendants or medical imaging equipment. It is easier for Designers to design ergonomic equipment layouts, easier for staff to position equipment during surgery and damage from collisions with the UCV side screens and air deflectors is eliminated.

Mediclean ultra clean ventilation with continuous particle monitoring (CPM)

Mediclean makes "the Invisible Visible"!

Continuous Particle Monitoring (CPM)

Our patented Continuous Particle Monitoring (CPM) measures airborne particles in real-time and uses simple visual alarms. Clinical staff can “see” when the air isn’t clean due to entrainment or surgical smoke and can take steps to protect themselves and their Patients. It’s impossible to see clean air with the naked eye, so CPM samples the air to accurately measure the number of particles present during surgery and displays the results as visible signals.

Safer for Staff

Smoke from electro-surgery is known to be hazardous. It can contain as many as 72 harmful contaminants including known carcinogens and intact viable DNA.

CPM detects harmful particles of smoke as well as dirty air. Mediclean reacts with a visual warning of the risk to the surgical team and by increasing the airflow to clear the smoke away from the clean zone, protecting surgeons and staff from inhaling smoke.

CPM supplements the annual UCV validation tests done in empty theatres to indicate that the UCV is working efficiently during real live operating conditions.

Automatic Optimisation of Air Quality

When particles are detected, Mediclean CPM systems automatically increase the airflow from the UCV to quickly flush the contamination away from the safety-critical area, protecting both patients and surgical staff. The system automatically returns to normal operation when safe operating conditions are restored.

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